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IMPACT SC 660 tosidig hodesett m/hodeb

UNC Mic, ActiveGard*, uten bunnkabel

Varenr: 1000555
Alt. varenr: 504557
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Mobil og Teams/UC
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ED (Uten bunnkabel)
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ED (Lav impedanse for mobil)
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ED (Narrowband)
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EPOS | Sennheiser SC 660 is a premium dual-sided wired headset for quality-conscious contact center and office professionals requiring outstanding sound performance. Offering EPOS | Sennheiser voice clarity and ultra-noise cancelling microphone it optimizes speech intelligibility in noisy environments. With a focus on quality materials and durability, SC 660 is built to withstand heavy contact center usage. Stainless steel and brushed aluminum parts create an iconic high-end design that enhances strength and robustness. Features include a leatherette ear-pad for powerful sound and wearing comfort, metal reinforced headband for perfect fit with easy, accurate adjustment and EPOS | Sennheiser ActiveGard® acoustic shock prevention. SC 660 is designed for quality-conscious enterprises requiring Sennheiser voice clarity, extreme durability and wearing comfort.
Features and Benefits
  • EPOS | Sennheiser voice clarity – wideband sound for a natural listening experience
  • Ultra noise canceling microphone for perfect speech transmission
  • High-quality neodymium speaker for outstanding high definition audio quality
  • EPOS | Sennheiser ActiveGard® technology protects users from acoustic shock and sudden sound surges
  • Stainless steel hinge on speaker joint for maximum strength
  • Brushed aluminum parts for strong and lightweight design
  • Unibody headband construction for maximum strength at stress points
  • Vectran™ reinforced cable for extreme durability
  • Large leatherette ear-pad for exceptional wearing comfort and powerful sound
  • Ultra sonic welded microphone housing for maximum durability
  • Extension headband with number indication for accurate adjustment
  • 90 degree turnable speaker-housing for space saving storage and transport
**"Vectran™ is a registered trademark of Kuraray Co., Ltd., Japan"
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