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The mechanical handset lifter HSL 10 II by EPOS | Sennheiser enables wireless headset system wearers to take and end calls conveniently, even when not at their desk.
Those who have already converted to a headset surely appreciate the relief on their spine from no longer having to wedge their phone between shoulder and neck. You unquestionably enjoy the convenience of having your hands free to grab files or type into the computer. You have made the headset even more useful by going wireless, which allows you to roam around the office to grab a fax, a print out or even a coffee, without interrupting an important phone conversation.

So what about when the phone rings while you are away from your desk? Maybe you can't even hear it and miss the call entirely. If you are within hearing range but don't have an electronic call taker built into your phone, you will have to rush back to your desk and be embarrassingly short of breath. And if the conversation ends while you are roaming around, the seemingly endless beeping of the disconnected line is enough to drive you crazy until you can get back to your phone to hang up. But do not despair. With a clever little device, EPOS | Sennheiser offers the solution.

The mechanical handset lifter, HSL 10, lets you automatically pick up or hang up the telephone handset, even if you are not at your desk. The HSL 10 is connected to a compatible base station, which is in touch with your wireless headset or system. By answering or ending the call on your wireless system, you send a command to the HSL 10 to raise or lower the telephone handset. Of course, it works within the entire range of your system's base station.

What's more, the handset lifter can be trained to recognize the sound of your phone ringing, so that even if you are not close enough to hear it, the HSL 10 will. The intelligent gadget then passes the ring signal to your wireless system to inform you of the incoming call. Now that's convenient.
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