SP Serien

for UC / Skype4B og Mobil

Varenr: SP-serien
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For bruk med
Mobil og Skype4B
Mobil og Skype4B
Mobil og UC
Mobil og UC
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Quality design

Looks as good as it sounds

With its streamlined styling and superb finish, the Sennheiser Speakerphone signals high-end quality wherever you choose to make your office.



Exceptional sound

Better communication and collaboration

Sennheiser Voice Clarity, echo cancellation and dual talk function ensure a cleaner sound and a more natural conversation flow. This allows callers and users to interact more normally, making conference calls less stressful and more productive.



Connectivity and compatibility

Hassle-free conferencing - simply plug in and talk

With plug and play UC compatibility, the SP 20 and SP 220 swiftly connect to your PC, mobile phone or tablet, while the SP 10 connects directly to your softphone or PC - all via USB or mini jack.



Flexibility and mobility

A conference call in your briefcase

No more searching for an available conference room: Set up an impromptu conference or share a call with high quality sound – anywhere that’s convenient. Scalable for up to 12 participants, the series’ exceptional, lightweight and portable design gives you the flexibility to collaborate wherever you are.

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  • Opptil 12 Personer
For bruk med Mobil og Skype4B
For bruk med Mobil og UC
For bruk med Skype4B
For bruk med UC
Forbindelse USB
Forbindelse Kabel 3,5mm
Manufacturer Sennheiser

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